About Us


We are the BraveBots, a FIRST Robotics team from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, located in Gladstone, right where the purple star is on the map.
Each year, 50 or more students from all different grades and all sorts of backgrounds toil together over the course of 6 weeks to make a robot to suit the competition at hand. With hard work, sweat, and even some tears, our vision truly comes together over the course of those weeks, and we are able to build something truly incredible. We like to think that something else is being built along side the robot- skills like perseverance, cleverness, resourcefulness and unique problem solving skills are being built every single time we face another season. Valuable, hard earned lessons that students can take home with them for years to come. Being a part of this robotics family is truly the hardest fun you will ever have.

It is truly a team effort to get the robot up and running within 6 weeks, especially in a sleepy little town like Gladstone, and that is why we are so thankful for our mentors and alumni who come back every year more dedicated and prepared for the upcoming season.

We also have been featured on the Upper Peninsula’s YouTube page!


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